LITTLE YELLOW FLOWER is an experimental art house short film directed by Mr. Lin Chien-Ping.In the short film a Photo Retoucher A-nan returns to the old house that saddens him. The eerily beautiful yellow flowers on the loofah trellis attract a whole nest of ants. As a child, A-nan accidentally killed all these yellow flowers when spraying insecticide on them to kill the ants. In a rage, his father beat him lame. This caused a lifelong conflict between them. The elderly and paralyzed father, now wrapped in diapers and covered with ants, evokes the painful memories of A-nan’s youth. A-nan sprays and kills the ants again. But how will A-nan unravel this knotted relationship with his father, entangled for so many years? How will he restore the loving beauty of the yellow flowers that once bloomed in the courtyard?

The short film introduces us to this world starting from the details and details will remain the most important expressive pictures all along the narrative.
We are introduced to the house of the main character where the father is lying on the bed unable to move.
Here starts the alternation between present and past and tells how the past strongly impress the present of the characters. Even introducing many poetic and metaphorical elements in the story telling, the relationship between father and son seems very authentic, full of tension and vivid.
The father played by Ming-Siou Tsai and the son played by Huai-Zhong Wang are really well directed by the director in this metaphorical picture.
An excellent aspect of the film is the cinematography signed by Chien_ping Lin. It is very elegant and refined. Shadows are important as light and the aesthetic is full of contrast. There is also a between to strong images: the “contrast between the aesthetics of vibrant little yellow flowers with the ugliness of the desolate terrain that establishes both an external environmental conflict and an internal conflict of love and hatred between father and son” as the director remark.

The choice of the director to shot in 4:3 conveys a strong sense of claustrofobia in going back in this relationship.
The rhythm of the editing is very slow and allows us to emphasize with the inner journey of the characters. Sound design convey also a strong sense of pain inside their mind.
There are just few words in this very well done short film because images are so strong that they don’t need any addiction.

The short film LITTLE YELLOW FLOWER is directed by Mr. Lin Chien-Ping, Taiwanese Film Director, Graduating from the Film Department of the School of Visual Arts, New York. His persisting on film art, has a unique personal creative style. The works have delicate emotions and use the correspondence between pictures and sounds to explore the inner world of the characters. In 2005, his short film "Small Station" won the Silver Lion Award for Best Short Film at the 62nd Venice Film Festival. won as Best Artist Film the February ’22 Berlin Indie Film Festival Monthly Competition.
LITTLE YELLOW FLOWER won as Best Artist Film the February ’22 Berlin Indie Film Festival Monthly Competition. Congratulation to all cast and crew!  

“When Worlds Collide” is a short documentary directed by Genevieve Sulway.
It's about an incident involving a group of triathletes that made national and international headlines.
The documentary alternates between interviews with relatives of those involved in the accident, archive footage of them, and contemporary footage depicting the landscape of Spain, where accidents caused by drug or alcohol abuse are common.
A very good point of the documentary, in this regard, is the cinematography, signed by Joan Gili Prohens, which is very refined and effective in the choice of shot to tell about this sad story. Jaume Faraig's sound signature is also very effective and delicate in underlining emotional moments and following the story telling.
Another strong point is the editing, as Genevieve Sulway, the film's director and producer, is able to strike a good balance between the pain of the story and the resilience of the victims' families. As the director says: “From tragedy, life will and can continue.
Laws can be changed so this situation doesn’t happen again.”
This is Genevieve Sulway's first time directing,  but we cannot infer it at all. The same can be said about the film's low budget. Genevieve Sulway studied acting with Hugh Jackman at WAAPA, which is ranked as one of the top 30 Drama Schools in the world. She went on to appear in commercials, films and TV shows such as Home & Away over the next 10 years. A lateral move into the corporate world saw her living and working in China, Singapore, the U.S and Europe. She returned to the film industry in 2018 graduating with a Masters in Film & TV Producing.
Genevieve founded Salty Paradise Productions and is now based in London, UK. With an innate ability to speak to people, her emotionally compelling storytelling style is the hallmark of her films. She gains unfettered and intimate access to the stories that she captures on film. Her documentaries focus on the underdog experience, underrepresented communities and the power of community spirit overcoming adversity.
The first film she made at 50 was the Spanish documentary “When Worlds Collide”, followed by the Hawaiian film “I am Kanaka (2022) with a third documentary focused on the stories behind the UK bodybuilding industry
“Mind Over Muscle – Becoming Big Granty” (2023) due to launch in the 2023 International Film Festival season. She’s also been employed as a development producer at Chalkboard TV in London and pitched projects to Channel 5 and BBC.
WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE was named Best Director Short Documentary and Best First Time Documentary Director in the April 2023 Berlin Indie Film Festival Monthly competition.
Congratulations to the entire cast and crew!